...Our take on psychotherapy with young children, individuals, couples & families who march to the beat of their own drum...

 chalk everywhere & chalk on cracked pavement

chalk everywhere & chalk on cracked pavement

Children & Adolescents

Young people are welcomed at Urban Playology.

When youth are gay.ecclectic.lesbian.kinesthetic.gender non-conforming.transgendered.questioning.gender fluid.the list goes on, life is, to say the least, colorful.

When they are hurting, the seeds of resilency are still there. At Urban Playology, we help families water those seeds.

Children tend to share their inner-most thoughts & feelings through play. So we provide trauma-integrative play therapy, coupled with art-based interventions for children.

Our work with adolescents typically invites expressive arts along with integrative, eclectic talk therapy.

Optimal outcomes occur when caregivers & key stakeholders (adults who influence how young people view themselves in the world) actively engage in all phases of the therapeutic process.   


 canary yellow leaf

canary yellow leaf


You know who you are. You are most alive when you feel supported to fully be yourself. 

Maybe you are: lesbian. Jewish. gender fluid. Argentinian. polyamorous. cis-gendered. asexual. a boi. a gurl. Caribbean. tattered. rockin natural hair. a geographical transplant. soul-searching. Atheist. just plain ole cool. and the list goes on.

Our individual psychotherapy services are for you.

We offer flexible appointments that fit busy schedules.

Sessions occur in our Dupont Circle spot.

Optimal outcomes occur when we consistently work together.

With a focus on mindfulness and the use of creative modalities when indicated, there's no way you won't grow.


 flamingos nap

flamingos nap

Couples & Families

Couples and families @ Urban Playology are...

Non-traditional. Interracial. Blended. Bicultural. Interfaith. Multi-racial. Agnostic. Same Sex. Queer. Of color. Consciously Uncoupling. Spiritually married. Polyamorous. Straight, yet non-conforming. Or without labels.

Re-alignment and balance are cornerstone focii for Couples & Family psychotherapy at Urban Playology. Everyone's voice is heard and valued throughout the process. When you commit to the practice of communicating via unconditional positive regard for one another, things do get better. These services may be enhanced by individual psychotherapy. 

Se ofrecen todos los servicios de psicoterapia en Español.

Payment Options

We accept private pay & some of the Carefirst plans.

 Sliding scale rates may be available upon request.

Our ultimate aim to help foster a supreme & transformative experience for you!  

Call us now at 240.949.4168 or email us at urbanplayology@yahoo.com for a free 10-minute consultation!

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