Urban Playology deeply values the art of meeting you where you are, for who you are. We do this by partnering with you every step of the way.


Our Mission

Urban Playology's hope is to cultivate a safe place for you. Psychotherapy doesn't work when people can't be themselves. It just doesn't. We want you to have a warm & welcoming experience without the distraction of wondering if we are really here for you. It is truly an honor to bear witness to your story. 

I will never encourage you to go any place that I haven’t been in my own life. Never.
— Xanthia Johnson, Founder of Urban Playology

What We Do...

  • We lead with all the good stuff, your strengths!
  • We revel in our use of engaging techniques.
  • We fuse integrative modalities like play therapy & expressive arts into the work.
  • We nurture our partnerships with like-minded allies & organizations.

All photography excluding founder headshot provided by Xanthia Johnson. 

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